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guitar & bass lessons in Leicester with Dr Creative

Want to play guitar? Learn more with video demos

OK so you have been along to some guitar lessons in Leicester but you need reminding about the modes and how to play them or some other details of guitar playing? Check out the extra video tutorials to help remind you of some of the things you have learnt. 


The video below is an example of using modes as part of an improvisation- Learn more with video demos

OK so you have some experience of the modes but improvising with them means we have to be able to flow from one mode to another and blend them with other scales too. In this way we can change moods, create exotic flavours and musical hybrids and crossovers. In the video below a mixture of mainly phrygian and locrian mode are used  together with a hybrid scale using b2nd, major 3rd, 4th, 5th, b7th. The phrygian mode and hybrid scale have their root on E and the locrian is played on B. This is an example of using modes as scales in their own right against chords outside the basic key based modal scale theorical model.


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