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guitar & bass lessons in Leicester with Dr Creative

Bouzouki lessons in Leicester

Bouzouki lessons in Leicester, bouzouki teachers in Leicester,
Bouzouki lessons in Leicester, bouzouki teachers in Leicester,

Bouzouki lessons in Leicester. If you are interested to learn something a bit different, how about bouzouki! It is something most guitarists can get into and a decent bouzouki sounds fabulous. 


It is in effect a Greek long necked lute related to the Turkish Saz and has 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings. It has been adopted by Irish musicians more recently. 


Originally 6 stringed, it now usually has 8 strings tuned to CFAD. It was picked up by Irish musicians travelling abroad and adapted for their use by retuning to GDAE or GDAD. Modern makers then started producing bouzoukis with flat backs which made them almost identical to the octave mandola. The crucial difference is the scale length, which is longer. This can affect fingering, but also affects sound because the strings are thinner. Generally the mandolas are better at tunes, bouzoukis for accompanying, but this is not a strict rule at all and I find it is a great lead instrument if approached in the right way.



Charges are £38 for a one hour lesson at my studio.


If you need to cancel I require 24 hours notice and charge a full lesson fee if I don't receive due notice of cancellation. 

How much do lessons cost?

My influences are vary eclectic as I worked for over ten years as head of production for the most famous Indian Classical music label Sense World Music, which worked with the greatest artists from India and the new developing talent. So some 120 albums later it is no surprise some of my influence comes from the Indian sub continent. I have also been influenced by the Balkans and of course jazz, blues, rock and folk.

Bouzouki influences
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