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guitar & bass lessons in Leicester with Dr Creative

Guitars and more 


I don't just help you with learning to play and developing your guitar skills. I can also help you get the best set up for your instrument and that can make a big difference to your potential and ease of playing.


I check for optimum setup and can often improve the instrument's playability as part of my Guitar Setup Service in Leicester. Give me a call and bring your instrument around and I will give you a quote starting at £15 for a basic setup plus strings

of your choice.


However, if you are practical and a dab hand with a few tools, you can have a go yourself using my setup guide.


If you need to buy a new instrument I can also help advise you on that too and it can save you time and

money as every guitar is different even if they are the same model! You will get the best instrument from the choice that is available.

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