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guitar & bass lessons in Leicester with Dr Creative
Guitar lessons for beginners to advanced in leicester

Guitar tuition in Leicester with pro guitarist Derek Roberts

Give me a call and fix up a free 15 min consultation, or let's have a chat and fix up some lessons straight away.

100% customer satisfaction


  • Electric, acoustic & bass guitar lessons in Leicester

  • Rhythm and lead guitar lessons - Metal, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Blues and other guitar styles

  • Highly experienced guitar teacher in Leicester with more than 20 years of experience

  • Guitar lessons in a pro recording studio environment

  • Amps and teaching material is provided...just bring your guitar

  • All ages and levels of ability are welcome from beginners, intermediate to advanced


Learning to play Guitar with lessons from an experienced teacher is without doubt the best way forward. Relying on books, videos and youtube can become very frustrating, especially for beginners who need the valuable one to one guidance a tutor can give. The ability to ask all the questions you need can't be underestimated, as everyone learns at different rates. A teacher can also help to correct problems, give you positive encouragement, quality instructions and practice information and help to develop your playing beyond all recognition. 


Learn to solo using a complete scale repertoire:- from blues scales, major and minor scales, modes, to diminished, whole tone and Indian/eastern scales, arpeggios and more. Learn chord construction, improvisation and all the tools you need to create your own music. All that is required is that you have sufficient time to practice and the wish to improve. 

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